For the safety of employees and patrons in the facility All firearms must be cased or holstered and unloaded. If you do not have a case please come into the facility without the firearm and we will allow a first-time shooter to borrow a case. After that you should have your own, or you can purchase one of ours. (LTC can have their pistols loaded and holstered).

Firearms should NOT be unholstered or uncased unless at the shooting stall or with permission of staff member.

All rifle ammunition will be inspected for steel case and steel core, tracers or anything that sticks to a magnet as is NOT allowed in the range because we have a steel trap, and magnetic ammunition can cause damage and sparks that can cause a fire. 


To make the rifle process faster, please bring in all rifle magazines unloaded. 

!!!ABSOLUTELY!!! No firearms outside of stall and firearms must be pointed downrange at all times. For the safety of the staff and people using the range, you will be asked to leave for the day if this rule is broken. We will provide audio and video of incident.


  • Firearms must be un-cased and re-cased inside stall

  • All firearm related bags and cases must be kept on stall bench

  • Due to trip hazards, nothing is allowed to be set on the floor

  • NO transferring firearms between stalls

  • No hand to hand transfer of firearms

  • Set the firearm on the table, muzzle facing down range, then let the next person pick up the firearm

  • No head shots, shotguns or game targets under 10 yards

  • You can Damage the trolly and rail system 

  • Please keep shot placement where bullets strike the trap

  • No drawing from holster, or rapid uncontrolled firing

  • Must wear hearing and eye protection at all times

  • Maximum of two people per stall

  • 12-17 years of age must be with a legal guardian in same stall

  • In the event of a MALFUNCTION, place your firearm down, muzzle facing down range, and contact the nearest Range Safety Officer

  • No steel cased rifle rounds, tracers or green tip allowed

  • Range closes 10 min prior to facility closing time

  • No food, drinks or any tobacco/nicotine products in range

  • Due to insurance, no personally reloaded ammunition allowed

  • Shotguns must use buckshot or slugs

  • Use brass pusher to push all spent rounds down range

  • Hot brass happens, please be prepared to set firearm down, muzzle facing down range before removing hot brass. Safety First!

  • In an emergency, a cease fire will be called and lights will flash on and off. At this time, immediately stop and place firearm on the table, muzzle facing down range and take a step back from the table remaining in your stall