• All firearms must be cased or holstered and unloaded (LTC can have their pistols loaded and holstered).
  • Firearms should NOT be unholstered or uncased unless at the shooting stall or with permission of staff member.
  • All rifle ammunition will be inspected for steel case and steel core, as this type of rifle ammunition is NOT allowed in the range. Also, no tracers, or magnetic ammunition permitted. To make the rifle process faster, please bring in all rifle magazines unloaded. 
  • Only one range bag and one rifle case allowed at a time per person in range.
  • Hourly lane rentals end 1 hour before close.
  • All shooters must be out of the range 5 minutes before closing time.
  • Guns must be uncased and recased at stall.
  • 12-17 years of age must be with a legal guardian to be on the range.
  • Must wear hearing and eye protection at all times.
  • Maximum of two people per stall.
  • Stay inside stall while shooting firearms.
  • No handling of firearms outside stall; firearm must stay inside stall at all times.
  • Firearms may only be loaded and unloaded inside your shooting stall.
  • No drawing from holster.
  • No rapid fire.
  • In the event of a MALFUNCTION, place your firearm on your shooting stall table, muzzle facing down range, and contact the nearest Range Safety Officer.
  • No hand to hand transfer of firearms. *If you allow someone else to use your firearm, please make sure to set the firearm on the table, muzzle facing down range, then let the next person pick up the firearm.
  • No tobacco products are permitted, including vaping and smokeless tobacco.
  • No food or drinks are permitted inside the range at any time.
  • Due to insurance, no reloads allowed.
  • Shotguns must use buckshot or slugs, no shotgun under 10 yards.
  • Please keep shot placement where bullets strike the trap.
  • Hot brass happens, please be prepared to set firearm down, muzzle facing down range before removing hot brass. Safety First!
  • In an emergency, a cease fire will be called and lights will flash on and off. At this time, immediately stop and place firearm on the table, muzzle facing down range and take a step back from the table remaining in your stall. 

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