We will be reopening Friday, April 3rd, to support the needs of our community during this crisis.


Friday-Sunday:  10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Monday-Thursday: 12-6 p.m.

We will keep this schedule until further notice.


We are taking the current situation very seriously and have enacted “over-the-top” safety precautions to include, but not limited to, the following:


If you are feeling even slightly ill, have come into contact with someone who has been ill, or have been out of the country in the last 30 days, please do not come into SSS or any other public place.

We are limiting the number of people allowed in the store at any given time to 10 and we will be putting people in the range in every other stall.

We are cleaning/wiping down all areas of the store and practicing the ever-important mandate of "Social Distancing."

We ask that you take precautions as well. Please don’t handle or touch anything in the store un-necessarily. If you do, wash your hands before and after handling anything in the store and keep space between other guests in the store.

We are imploring our customers to be patient with us. We are having a difficult time answering phones/returning calls, replying to social media inquiries, and taking care of FFL transfers, etc. If you need something, please come in and again, please be patient with us!


The FBI cannot keep up with the demand for NICS checks. Several times over the past 2 weeks, the system has crashed due to overload. In addition, if a customer receives a "delay," we must now wait for the ruling, which could take up to 30 days. If you do not have a LTC, please be patient with us.



We currently have ammo for range use, reloading-supplies, firearms, firearm accessories and flashlights, to name a few.

  • If you purchase a firearm, you may also purchase one box of standard ammo for that gun.

  • We have no limits on hollow-point rounds.

  • You are not allowed, at the moment, to bring in outside ammo unless it is in a box. No loose ammo and no loaded magazines.

  • We have put limits on all available ammo.

  • We want to ensure everyone is able to get the ammo they need to maintain their ability to protect themselves, but not allow for stockpiling.

  • We are working very hard trying to keep our shelves and cases stocked with the products currently available from our distribution network. Many of our normal brands, specifically ammunition, are not available. This all comes down to supply and demand. The demand is high right now, and the supply is low. Since these quantities are no longer available, neither are the discounts they offered. We are literally buying anything they have, and unfortunately, our pricing on some items reflects the increase in cost to us.